Natureworth Limited was incorporated in August 1994. It was born out of concern for fast degenerating health conditions of Nigerians observed in hospitals. Although Nigeria is not industrialized, experience showed that people are acquiring such health challenges prevalent in advanced economies with much processed foods. This is probably result of borrowed lifestyles. To help people over some of the health challenges associated with nutrition and lifestyles, the company started distribution of whole wheat bread in Lagos.

Seeing some deviations in the quality of product the company was distributing, it decided to go into production starting from kitchen oven in 1995. The process was manual and difficult because of lack of capital, equipment, and availability of raw material. The company went off in 1997 and resumed in 2003. We are glad to have weathered many of the challenges including persuading some flour mills to produce whole wheat flour. The company has consistently managed, until a couple of years back when aware started yielding dividends.

The market place was equally difficult because so much talking was involved in educating the ultimate consumers. Natureworth’s WHEAT BRAN BREAD is now strong brand in the market, at least in areas we cover. It is the very first choice of every customer.

Today health awareness is growing rapidly even for our core product, the WHEAT BRAN BREAD. The company sees greater opportunity to assist modern society overcome ever growing health challenges of upcoming industrialization, fast-track lifestyles – especially the “fast Food”.

Our focus remains even clearer, to impact on people’s health and lifestyles for vibrant health.


To create products with great values for health, using local contents to create fresh experience.


To be renown in health support and lifestyle in our communities and society.


  • Be passionate and determined
  • Create great value; fresh experience
  • Pursue growth, learning and drive change
  • Quality and integrity
  • Build open and honest relationships with communications
  • Build a positive team and family spirit
  • Don’t trick people, deliver our promise
  • Be humble, be resilient
  • Support safety and environment.